Monday, 12 April 2010

The Birthday Bloods

What Happen at the Birthday Party?

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  1. Andrew Wakefield is a lovely and dedicated doctor and ethical individual. I met him in Erie, Pennsylvania 10 years ago when he was there for a vaccine conference. (I met Barbara Loe Fisher there as well. ) Andy frankly told me, in a private conversation that he could not just stand by and see innocent children damaged knowing that vaccine are the culprits. He sadly explained that he was threatened by the UK Medical Community that if he went public with his research that they would drag him through the mire and make sure that he could never work in medical research or as a physician ever again. It seems as though the UK General Medical Council is getting away with it...

    Brian Deer is clearly part of the Medical conspiracy to stop all research that "may" indicate that vaccines are unsafe. He now works for the UK pharmaceutical company that makes the MMR. No sooner did Reed Elseveir buy up the Lancet than the autism/MMR research was refuted. Causing a giant rally in pharma stocks.

    Link from Elsevier to Choicepoint????

    and now Reed-Elseveir has access to all American citizen medical records

    blood records
    DNA records

    Lancet owned by Elsevier, Then Elsevier is owned by Reed. Reed-Elesevier purchased Choicepoint.
    Do you have any idea how vile Choicepoint?

    In the early days of the Clinton Administration, the FBI wanted to create a new database on every legitimate American citizen. Well .. they can't do that because of wide and deep consumer protection base of law, ID Theft law, personal privacy and security law and not to mention a half dozen Articles of the US Constitution.
    So .. to get around all that, the FBI funneled somewhere north of $100 million to Equifax, Atlanta to build a new database of "consumer profiles". Of course those funds were filtered and shifted through many and varied investment channels but it's the FBI's money that founded ChociePoint ... for this reason ...

    So they could buy the data bases they need.

    There are no laws on the books preventing the FBI from buying available data.

    So they created a database of consumer profiles and then bought that data for themselves. It's called ...

    Plausible Deniability.