Monday, 5 April 2010

David Salisbury's Entreaties / Public Health Dictat

David Salisbury’s calls to the GMC!

(This interview took place before the finding on facts)

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Selective Hearing, Brian Deer And the GMC

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  1. The GMC clearly had very little regard for the facts in this case. Or did they choose to ignore these facts under instruction? It makes a joke of the whole system. One has to question the purpose of the GMC. Has it outlived it's usefulness if it's decisions and integrity can't be trusted?
    Keep talking Dr Wakefield!

  2. What an amazing piece of nonsense. Anyone who read the charges against the 3 doctors as set out in 2007 and was not a Wakefield sychophant, would know the inevitable result --they would be found guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt, on most of the charges. The charges had detail after detail of telephone calls and letters showing that children were being subjected to an investigation protocol before any necessary ethical committee approval was gained.

    Then Wakefield commits scientific fraud in the paper and its aftermath.

  3. Sheldon knows quite well that he is talking nonsense - he has had it pointed out to him several times that something agreed to by the defence on a GMC charge sheet is not an admission of guilt but simply an agreed fact. The problem is the absurd inferences that are being placed on some of those facts. For instance, doctors who were simply being diligent are held to be manufacturing evidence, by people who weren't there, never talked the parents, and never saw the cases. The whole process in essentially prejudicial - raking over passed events looking for something bad you can stick on someone you don't like, without any of the normal constraints of legal process.

  4. Sheldon
    If you are not going talk about the content of the films , or the issues they raise
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